Paroli Craps System

Paroli Craps System

The simplest craps betting system ever, Paroli strategy remains to be one of the most popular as well. Being a positive progression system, it provides you with plenty of CHANCES TO WIN. To win on a long run with low risks. Is it possible?

With too many craps systems available to choose the right one can be a real challenge. Compare

  • risks
  • budget spent
  • time necessary
  • bets allowed to make

And of course, practice. This is the best answer to all the theories presented.

Now, let's check how the system works and try to make profits online.

How to Play

Everything starts with your Even money bet. In this case you place your money on bet with payout of 1:1. Talking about craps online, we should mention such options as Line bets and Come bets.

Your first bet should be quite small. It is good thing for the very beginning as well as for you testing the whole system. Start with small bets such as $5 to try your limits and feel the system. The whole game began as soon as you make your first bet.

Double your bet if you win. Double the next bet if win again. Your third bet should also be twice bigger than the previous one... of course, if you win.

If you lose, you should stop the system. How? Just start with the first bet again. What should you do if your first bet lose and lose, again and again? Continue playing with it till you win. Just wait for your moment.

Here is a sample how it works at all:


Bet # Bet Size Win/Loss Your Win
1 5 W 5
2 10 W 15
3 20 W 35
4 5 L 30
5 5 L 25

Stick to this strategy and try to win with small bets at first. This betting system is opposite to the Martingale craps strategy. It is safer and allow you to play with small budget.

Does it Work?

Paroli Craps Strategy

Well, everything depends. You can win and lose. Just set your aim. If you want to play for half an hour and win couple of bucks in the end of your gaming session... Paroli system can be the best choice.

However, if you want to earn some cash and become a real pro, this system has nothing to offer you. Statistics is quite cruel and cold. It shows that on a long run you will lose a bit more than win.

Almost all craps betting strategies make you use disadvantageous wagers. Thus, you won't beat the house edge... on the long run at least. So, play using this system, make some profits but don't forget to stop in time. And it will come soon...